About us

Blueberry Bakery and Sweets establishment, featured on Cake, is known for our delicious pastries, desserts & cakes.

Blueberry Bakery and Sweets establishment is a friendship owned bakery, originally founded in 2011 in glorious town in the world, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The friendship family’s dedication is to quality and excellence.

The establishment is operated by experienced and famous Executive Chefs who vast experience in the hospitality field for more than 18 years.

Our mission is to cater the most exquisite cakes and pastry. Our inspiration comes from everywhere: art, fashion, music, fabric, furniture, architecture, landscapes, science, music, and history. Most of all, our inspiration comes from each one of our incredible clients. Your cake, we bake, is custom made: from concept to consumption and is a completely original piece of edible art.

Who we are !

Blueberry Bakery and Sweets is unique cake bakery. Our cakes are rich, delicate bites of goodness. Inspired from all-time favorite bakeries all over the world, our cake is baked with Love.

Blueberry Bakery and Sweets, featured on Cake is known for our delicious pastries, desserts & cakes. We are specialized in baking up the sweetest treats, wedding cakes and custom cakes for any occasion.

Blueberry Bakery and Sweets bring home a delectable cake. We provide all the flavors you can dream of: whether it is Vanilla, Mix Fruit, Devil Fudge Cake, Black or White Forest or any other flavor you want. We bake more than 50 delicious varieties of cakes daily, including our gourmet chocolate cupcake.

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Blueberry Bakery and Sweets® is excited to announce that our Blueberry App is now available! The first official app from Blueberry Bakery and Sweets brings you a fast and convenient way to order your favorite Cakes and Pastry. Download the app today for free at the iTunes App Store and Google Play App Market.