Yes, we deliver cakes to your location wherever you are in United Arab Emirates.
You may choose from our Portfolio or any magazine photos, images from websites or your own sketches. Send or bring anything you intend to incorporate into your cake we will need to see.  We don’t accept Visa, MasterCard.
We do it all the time!! Many people like our reproductions better than the original we are copying. We love to see new ideas.
You bet! We are well known for great taste. We always get thank you notes commenting on how delicious, moist and flavorful our cakes are. We love to give samples so you can see for yourself!
Chocolate Fudge is our #1 followed by White Cream Cheese/Raspberry Swirl which is #2. Also very popular are our Lemon, Almond, Poppy seed, Carrot, Apple Spice. Our cakes are always made fresh with the very best ingredients. They are always moist and flavorful.
Yes. With a 3 tier cake you may choose 2 flavors. With a 4 tier cake, choose 3 flavors.
We take the time and effort to make our own tasty fondant. It is soft and pliable when you cut it. There is never a bitter after-taste (as with other bakeries). We always ice the cake with buttercream before we cover it with a thin layer of fondant. That way you get the beauty of fondant, and the great taste of buttercream. We are happy to give you a sample.
That depends on how you will be using it. Will it be on display for most of the evening and cut toward the end? Will some of your guest have come and gone before you cut the cake? Usually a 3 tier cake will be enough to serve those who are there toward the end of the evening.
In this instance you need to be sure you have a nice sized slice for each guest, which usually requires a larger cake. "Dessert slices" are larger than a "reception slice" shown on the price & servings chart. Other points to consider: How big of an impact do you want your cake to make? How large is the area where it will be displayed? Is the cake high on your priority list? Is the cake a grand centerpiece?
No, we offer some of our products that contains blueberry.
Yes, blueberry bakery let you customize your special cake from any source or photo or instructions you provide us.
We do not accept credit card for the meantime